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Run-away crises: 3 things you should know to protect yourself

Crisis 1: Physically harmed by others ?Summon up the courage to say "no" and leave as soon as possible.

«How to avoid valence or sexual assault?

  • Must let close friends know who you will meet, where and when you will go. Try to keep constant contact with friends.
  • Do not meet net pal alone. Joining the gathering of many net pals will be much safer.
  • Bring whistle and pepper spray with you.
  • Scream for help when net pal touches your body or sexually harasses you.
  • Don drink unknown beverages and try to keep drinks in sight.

«What to do after been physically harmed?
Go to your friends and report to police. Then contact your family and social welfare departments.

Crisis 2: Exploited by employer ?Collect evidences carefully and protect your own rights.

  • Keep your salary certificates.
  • Tell your colleagues or friends about it.
  • Video or sound record the evidences.
  • Seek professional aid.

Crisis 3: Have conflicts with your family =>Open up to love

The website of the Center has a forum called "Love Messenger" (http://www.missingkids.org.tw/). It is a place for run-away children and their families to post and share feelings.

We would like to invite you to join our network and help these vulnerable children. When you walk on street or surf the Internet, you may see the information of missing children. Please take a minute to look through their photos and personal data. Maybe you have seen one of the children before. Any help you provide will bring these children closer to their homes.

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